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Photoshopped videos, photos circulated by sex maniac ntro employees

In a clear indication of the widespread rot in indiann society and goan society in particular the sex maniac liar fraud ntro employees parekh, parmar, nikhil who are addicted to sex with the the microchipped kolhapur born school dropout cbi employee sex service provider gujju housewife naina, who looks like actress sneha wagh are making and circulating photoshopped photos and videos of the business owner so that the indian government, cbi pays a monthly salary to panaji gujju housewife naina only for having regular SEX with ntro employees nikhil, parmar,parekh.

The sex addict gujju fraudster ntro employees are extremely miserly so they do not have the honesty to pay call girls for their sex services, they want the indian taxpayer to pay for their regular sex with naina. Hence these shameless sex addict liar ntro employees are putting the business owner under surveillance, taking photos and videos when she is in public places like shops, libraries, banks. Then these sex addicts who are just like drug addicts are photoshopping these manipulated photos, to defame the business owner, and falsely claim that their sex service provider naina, who has no online income and no online investment owns this and other websites, where the news of the gujju fraud is posted.

These gujju fraud ntro employees mistakenly think that circulating photoshopped photos, videos will affect the business owner, They forget that the gujju and other fraudsters have harassed the business owner so much that she is beyond fear and caring. Photoshopping videos, photos of women who are in public places is an illegal activity punishable under various clauses of the indian penal code. If these cowardly sex addict gujju officials have the courage to face the business owner, she will send them to jail for their illegal activities.

These gujju sex addict ntro employees forget that unlike their female family members, the business owner is a trained engineer, who can also photoshop the photos of the sisters, wives, daughters and mothers of the sex addict ntro employees nikil, parmar, parekh, she understands that it is only manipulation of digital data and is least bothered. Yet, unlike the sex addict liar fraud ntro employees who claim to be very respectable and honest, yet are openly involved in illegal crimes like photoshopping of harmless single women, the business owner does not wish to stoop to the level of the liar miserly sex addict ntro employees, A reward is offered for any photoshopped photo, video circulated.

the business owner is viciously defamed circulating photoshopped videos and photos, especially in goa by the fraud goan, gujju officials. These photos, videos are taken in public places, like when shopping and circulated by the fraud goan, gujju officials who have got the kolhapur born microchipped school dropout gujju sex service provider housewife naina who looks like actress sneha wagh a cbi job falsely claiming that greedy gujju fraudster naina, her fraud lazy sons nikhil, karan, greedy LIARS, banking, real estate fraudsters , with no online income, own the website, bank and paypal account. Unlike the gujju fraudsters, if anyone has any video or photo, please send a copy to the business owner, she will file a police complaint.

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