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In 2019 online advertising revenues have reduced, the revenues are mainly from content writing and sale of domain names investments using the marketing networks of the domain registrars she uses . The owner is a prolific writer proved by the screenshot below of her iwriter account, yet the goan,karnataka, state and indian government refuses to acknowledge the fact, denying her fundamental rights, the RIGHT TO EQUALITY allegedly bribed by google, tata since 2010. There are many other indian writers on iwriter who are also writing and making money like daniel webar of rengali, orissa, no one is ROBBING their correspondence, stealing their identity, only the business owner is targetted since 2010 since she has worked hard for her resume, savings .
The amount of paid writing work varies, this screenshot is provided only to prove that the business owner is hard working and she is denied opportunities in goa, because the pimp liar google, tata employees who have run their sex, bribery racket, banking fraud since 2010, are defaming her as lazy when actually it can be legally proved that call girls, school dropouts, cheater housewives, robbers and frauds google, tata have got R&AW/cbi jobs with fake resumes, are lazy, have no online income at all
paypal fraud,iwriter fraud, faking paypal account ownership, diverted orders, correspondence, cbi, raw, ntro, security agencies
NTRO, R&AW, cbi, security agencies are allegedly falsely claiming that the above iwriter account belongs to the google, tata sponsored bengaluru brahmin R&AW employee nayanshree hathwar, who looted the businesss owner of Rs 1.1 lakh in 2011-2012 and refused to reply. For her fraud on the business owner, google, tata rewarded nayanshree hathwar, with a R&AW job and are violating indian and international laws when they falsely claim that the brahmin cheater housewife and other fraud raw/cbi employees who are not spending any time doing computer work, are writing content to waste indian taxpayer money paying all these frauds a monthly government salary at the expense of the business owner. R&AW, cbi do not have the honesty to admit that they are paying salaries to nayanshree hathwar and others only because they are RELATIVES, ASSOCIATES AND FRIENDS of corrupt top intelligence and security agency employees.With this fraud R&AW again living up to its reputation as the RELATIVES & ASSOCIATES WING of the indian government There are other direct customers outside India, and one in India for content at present, however the details are not provided to avoid loss of customers. However if any government agency wishes to check the details of the customers, these details like invoices can be provided if the theft of correspondence in goa will end. Owner had focused on business as an online publisher and our network of websites prior to 2012. Google has destroyed almost all the ad networks to increase its million dollar profit in 2019. Some of the advertising networks who had advertised are listed below and we can provide proof of payment of the same. .

  • Backlinks.com
  • TNX.net
  • Infolinks.com
  • Intellilinks.com
  • Chitika.com
  • Kontera.com
  • Blogrolled.com
  • Simplyhired.com
  • Google Inc- kindly note that some sources have indicated that google is responsible for many of the problems faced by the business owner, especially identity theft. The business owner was also asked to be party to the complaint against google at the competition commission of India, CCI in 2014. Yet despite complaining, the fraud has continued till 2019, and google, tata, are always finding more lazy greedy well connected frauds who are falsely claiming to own the business, paypal, bank account and getting them raw/cbi jobs

Due to the hazards of running an online business in India , we are gradually reducing our exposure to some of the above advertising networks and customers can directly purchase
ebooks and text link advertising online
We only accept online payments.
**Note: Some of checks / payment proofs may be in the business owners name , due to the advertising network guidelines.

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