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The main revenue sources of NK Infobase in 2019-2020 are :
- managing and selling the domain investments, mainly through registrar marketing network, screenshot of godaddy sale in 2019, Domain sales. However the business owner, mentioned in the screenshot is denied a life of dignity, since the indian government agencies are falsely claiming that raw/cbi employees who do not spend any money on domains, own the domains, forcing the business owner to complain loudly on quora and elsewhere
Godaddy domain sale, LLLL.com
- selling advertising on websites, though google has destroyed almost all competition Advertising income . The NTRO/raw/cbi domain ownership fraud has also adversely affected advertising revenues, since the the pathological liar indian government employees are duping people, companies and countries
- content creation, technical writing, product description, essay writing, Proof that the business owner is a prolific writer, yet is CHEATED of Rs 5 lakh annually because of indian, state government writing fraud with R&AW/cbi again falsely claiming that their lazy greedy fraud CALL GIRL, ROBBER, CHEATER, school dropout employees like nayanshree hathwar, sunaina chodan,riddhi , gujju school dropout housewife naina chandan who looks actress sneha wagh and their lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil who do no writing work, own the iwriter, paypal, bank account of a private citizen. To cover up the writing fraud, the indian and goan government is making FAKE SERVICE TAX allegations though no tax is applicable for annual revenues below Rs 20 lakh, and the business revenues are very low since the business owner is wasting a lot of time fighting NTRO financial fraud

When the well paid RAW/cbi employees are NOT ON TALKING TERMS with the business owner why are R&AW/cbi/ntro led by brahmin LIAR j srinivasan , indian government HUMILIATING, CHEATING, EXPLOITING the business owner, falsely associating their employees with a private citizen who they HATE making fake claims duping people, companies and countries in the process. This is posted as a FRAUD ALERT, so that more companies and countries are not DUPED by the FALSE PROPAGANDA of the indian internet sector officials

BANKING, ICANN FRAUD OF 5 STATE GOVERNMENTS, INDIAN GOVERNMENT especially goa, karnataka, haryana, madhya pradesh, maharashtra government on BUSINESS OWNER SINCE 2010 with 13 R&AW/cbi employees like shivalli brahmin nayanshree hathwar, thane stock broker asmita patel, goan bhandari sunaina chodan, haryana ruchika kinge, riddhi nayak caro, siddhi, indore robber deepika, gujju school dropout naina chandan and others are FALSELY CLAIMING to own bank account, domains, resume with the help of LIAR RAW/NTRO EMPLOYEES.
This financial, online fraud can be legally proved in the court of law using the INCOME TAX RETURNS of the raw/cbi employees, falsely claiming to own this business since the LIAR raw/cbi employees have no online income, no domain investment,yet the indian, state governments are duping companies, countries and people for 10 years, wasting Rs 5 crore of indian taxpayer money annually making it difficult to sell advertising and domains at a fair price.
TRADE SECRET, CORRESPONDENCE THEFT BY NTRO, STATE AND CENTRAL GOVERNMENT SINCE 2010, business owner denied fundamental rights without a legally valid reason. The name of the business owner is retained to expose the CRIMINAL DEFAMATION she is subjected to with R&AW/cbi falsely claiming that their lazy fraud employees are associated with her, when she is not on talking terms with any raw/cbi/ntro employee in a clear case of GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA, and her quora account is used to criminally defame her, when she is only telling the truth
Kindly note that R&AW/cbi employees especially slim goan bhandari sunaina chodan, her death issuing sisters piyali, purvi, bengaluru shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, indore document robber housewife deepika, riddhi caro nayak, siddhi mandrekar, asmita patel, haryana mba hr ruchika kinge, gujju school dropout naina chandan and her sons karan, nikhil, and their associates are not associated with the business in any way, though R&AW/cbi are making fake claims to CRIMINALLY defame, HUMILIATE, CHEAT, EXPLOIT the business owner in a massive FINANCIAL,ICANN FRAUD

Please note that the business owner is not on talking terms with her immediate neighbours at her mailing address in goa due to threats and criminal defamation. Also note that R&AW/cbi/ntro security agencies employees especially slim goan bhandari call girl sunaina chodan are robbing the correspondence of the businesss owner without a legally valid reason as part of the identity theft fraud on the business owner since 2010. The second case of trade secret theft against TCS in the united states confirms the complete lack of ethics in the indian IT and internet sector. the corrupt indian government refuses to end the ROBBERY of business owners by raw/cbi/ntro/security agency employees resulting in LACK OF JOBS in India.

The revenues of this business since 2007 are mainly because the legal owner is also a prolific writer and domain investor yet indian government agencies are involved in criminal defamation since 2010, making fake allegations without any legally valid proof, which are closely linked to the worsening status of hardworking educated women in India, lack of ethics in the Indian IT and internet sector and NTRO TRADE SECRET THEFT of the business owner without a legally valid reason. On 11 May 2019, NTRO hacked the website to change the wording to cover up their sex, bribery racket, BANKING FRAUD, they do not have have the honesty to defend their fraud on Quora, where the NTRO banking fraud is openly mentioned repeatedly

The google, tata sponsored ROBBER R&AW/cbi employees indore bespectacled housewife d who looks like deepika padukone ,slim goan bhandari panaji prostitute sunaina chodan 2013 bsc from goa university,siddhi mandrekar riddhi nayak caro ,microchipped gujju school dropout naina, nayanshree hathwar 20005 bbm, are not associated with the business in any way though the india, goan, Madhya Pradesh, state governments are making FAKE CLAIMS in a massive GOVERNMENT ONLINE FINANCIAL FRAUD since 2010 with the help of fraud LIAR ntro employees and fraud officials like caro, nayak, mandrekar, pritesh chodankar, mhow cheater puneet, j srinivasan, parmar, parekh, patel, hathwar, kodancha wasting indian taxpayer money paying salaries.

In a massive FINANCIAL ONLINE BANKING FRAUD which can be legally proved , the goan, state and indian government since are falsely claiming that various well connected google, tata sponsored lazy fraud women like the microchipped google, tata sponsored gujju school dropout cbi employee sex service provider housewife naina who looks like sneha wagh, her lazy fraud liar sons nikhil, karan, goan bhandari call girl sunaina chodan, goan gsb fraud riddhi nayak, indore robber veena, siddhi, nayanshree hathwar, asmita patel and other fraud raw/cbi employees who do not spend any time and money online, own this website, domains and the paypal account of the business owner to waste indian taxpayer money paying all these frauds a monthly indian government salary at the expense of the business owner who is broke. Income tax returns, bank details will legally prove Paypal fraud of indian government exposed worldwide in 2019, violating international laws.

Kindly note that allegedly bribed by google, tata, the indian and state governments are openly violating the RIGHT TO EQUALITY, PRIVACY of the business owner and international laws since 2010, without a legally valid reason. R&AW/cbi are hiring well connected good looking posh google, tata sponsored goan call girls, school dropouts, cheater housewives, document robbers and other frauds, with no online income and no online investment, and duping companies, countries and people worldwide that these lazy mediocre fraud employees with no online knowledge, are selling products and services to customers worldwide, clearly violating international laws like the vienna convention.

The business owner has customers outside india who are paying for the services or the product she is selling, yet in a clear case of DISCRIMINATION of the indian and state governments, they are behaving worse than nigerian fraudsters, falsely claiming that well connected LAZY UNSKILLED relatives, money , sex bribe giving raw/cbi employees are owning the paypal account of the business owner when these raw/cbi employees are so mediocre that they cannot provide any service or sell any product to customers outside india. If R&AW/cbi/indian intelligence agencies had the intelligence to verify their lazy fraud employees, who they pay salaries monthly, they would find out that they are not capable of providing any services or product to customers outside india, they are mainly COOKING, HOUSEKEEPING. Yet this great ntro, raw, cbi employees have continued with their great fraud for more than 9 years, wasting crores of indian taxpayer money.

The business owner is a victim of identity theft and is facing the following problems


The owner spent a lot of time and money in research to understand market conditions yet her identity has been brutally stolen by the indian and state governments for 10 google, tata sponsored goan call girl, cheater housewife, school dropout, robber raw/cbi employees who are also falsely claiming to own the business in a major BANKING,ONLINE FRAUD
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